About Us

Asvathah means “Sacred fig”. Just like the sacred tree we got years of experience in solving real-time and real-life problems to give sustainable solutions. Our customers are immensely satisfied with our continuous services. We are a pioneer in consulting business. We will make your organization flourish in your field of interest with our expertise solutions.

Asvatthah is one of the fastest growing business consulting and technology consulting companies in Chennai. Started by a group of experts from different industries Asvatthah has grown to become one of the most preferred business partners to national and international businesses. Asvatthah provides multiple services and solutions across multiple industries to a host of clients from all the different business segments – small scale, medium and large scale businesses.

We operate through specialist teams spread across the country, providing custom-built business solutions across multiple industry concerns. Our growing client base is evidence to our innovative methods which assure cost cutting, implementation efficacy and the corresponding increase in revenue. Asvatthah Solutions is the pioneer of organized business solutions’ company founded and managed by an effectual set of highly trained and experienced professionals in engineering, management and accounting sphere efficiently handling the operations. Asvatthahh is guided by a value system based on honesty, quality and a long-term perspective.

We continuously strive to consistently deliver superior value to our clients by innovative amalgamation of people, processes and technology. Asvatthahh draws domain experts from its guild, to provide solution for its clients. With a young, energetic and talented team, Asvatthahh is dignified to provide high value end-to-end services to its clients



At Asvatthah we aim to build the simple and most efficient solutions to all your business challenges